Telecommunications & Signal Processing Laboratory

Multimedia Signal Processing


Theses (2015):

Mahmood Movassagh

New Approaches to Fine-Grain Scalable Audio Coding

Ph.D. Thesis, December 2015

Theses (2013):

Amr Nour-Eldin

Quantifying and Exploiting Speech Memory for the Improvement of Narrowband Speech Bandwidth Extension

Ph.D. Thesis, December 2013

Theses (2012):

Qipeng Gong

Playout Buffering for Conversational Voice over IP

Ph.D. Thesis, October 2012

Theses (2011):

Cheick Mohamed Konaté

Enhancing Speech Coder Quality: Improved Noise Estimation for Postfilters

M.Eng. Thesis, June 2011

Joachim Thiemann

A Sparse Auditory Envelope Representation with Iterative Reconstruction for Audio Coding

Ph.D. Thesis, April 2011

Theses (2008-2010):

Abdul Hannan Khan

Tree Encoding in the ITU-T G.711.1 Speech Coder

M.Eng. Thesis, November 2010

Theses (2005-2007):

Wei Chen

Perceptual Postfiltering for Low Bit Rate Speech Coders

M.Eng. Thesis, November 2007

Alireza Keyvani

Robustness in ASR: An Experimental Study of the Interrelationship between Discriminant Feature-Space Transformation, Speaker Normalization and Environment Compensation

M.Eng. Thesis, March 2007

Youssouf Ould-Cheikh-Mouhamedou

On Distance Measurement Methods for Turbo Codes

Ph.D. Thesis, November 2005

Denis Tran

A Study of Bit Allocation for Gaussian Mixture Model Quantizers and Image Coders

M.Eng. Thesis, September 2005

Karim Ali

An Enhanced Joint Source-Channel Decoder

M.Eng. Thesis, May 2005

Tania Leppert

Quantization Noise Shaping in Oversampled Filter Banks

M.Eng. Thesis, April 2005

Eric Bertrand

Simplified Trellis Decoding of Block Codes by Selective Pruning

M.Eng. Thesis, January 2005

Ricky Der

Audio Coding with an Excitation Pattern Distortion Measure

M.Eng. Thesis, January 2005

Theses (2002-2004):

Sien Ruan

Lapped Transforms in Perceptual Coding of Wideband Audio

M.Eng. Thesis, December 2004

Levent Tosun

Dynamically Adding Redundancy for Improved Error Concealment in Packet Voice Coding

M.Eng. Thesis, December 2004

Wei-shou Hsu

Robust Bandwidth Extension of Narrowband Speech

M.Eng. Thesis, November 2004

Colm Elliott

Stream Synchronization for Voice over IP Conference Bridges

M.Eng. Thesis, November 2004

Alexander Wyglinski

Physical Layer Loading Algorithms for Indoor Wireless Multicarrier Systems

Ph.D. Thesis, November 2004

Sam Vakil

Gaussian Mixture Model Based Coding of Speech and Audio

M.Eng. Thesis, October 2004

Dorothy K. Okello

Resource Management in CDMA-based Satellite Systems

Ph.D. Thesis, April 2004

Sanja Kovacevic

SOVA Based on a Sectionalized Trellis of Linear Block Codes

M.Eng. Thesis, January 2004

Khaled H. El-Maleh

Classification-Based Techniques for Digital Coding of Speech-plus-Noise

Ph.D. Thesis, January 2004

Aziz Shallwani

An Adaptive Playout Algorithm with Delay Spike Detection for Real-Time VoIP

M.Eng. Thesis, October 2003

Christopher R. Cave

Perceptual Modelling for Low-Rate Audio Coding

M.Eng. Thesis, June 2002

Mark Klein

Signal Subspace Speech Enhancement with Perceptual Post-Filtering

M.Eng. Thesis, January 2002

Tarun Agarwal

Pre-Processing of Noisy Speech for Voice Coders

M.Eng. Thesis, January 2002

Paxton J. Smith

Voice Conferencing over IP Networks

M.Eng. Thesis, January 2002

Theses (1999-2001):

Nader Sheikholeslami Alagha

Modulation, Pre-Equalization and Pulse Shaping for PCM Voiceband Channels

Ph.D. Thesis, December 2001

Ejaz Mahfuz

Packet Loss Concealment for Voice Transmission over IP Networks

M.Eng. Thesis, September 2001

Wesley Pereira

Modifying LPC Parameter Dynamics to Improve Speech Coder Efficiency

M.Eng. Thesis, September 2001

Mohammad M. A. Khan

Coding of Excitation Signals in a Waveform Interpolation Speech Coder

M.Eng. Thesis, July 2001

Joachim Thiemann

Acoustic Noise Suppression for Speech Signals using Auditory Masking Effects

M.Eng. Thesis, May 2001

Anne Kumar

Tandem Free Operation Simulator for Wireless Communications

M.Eng. Project, January 2001

Simon E. M. Plain

Bit Rate Scalability in Audio Coding

M.Eng. Thesis, April 2000

Tamanna Islam

Interpolation of Linear Prediction Coefficients for Speech Coding

M.Eng. Thesis, April 2000

Hossein Najafzadeh-Azghandi

Perceptual Coding of Narrowband Audio Signals

Ph.D. Thesis, April 2000

Theses (1996-1998):

Gilbert A. Soulodre

Adaptive Methods for Removing Camera Noise from Film Soundtracks

Ph.D. Thesis, November 1998

Eddie Lun Tik Choy

Waveform Interpolation Speech Coder at 4 kb/s

M.Eng. Thesis, August 1998

Nadim Batri

Robust Spectral Parameter Coding in Speech Processing

M.Eng. Thesis, May 1998

Mohammad R. Zad-Issa

Smoothing the Evolution of the Spectral Parameters in Speech Coders

M.Eng. Thesis, January 1998

Rabih Abouchakra

Delay Estimation for Transform Domain Acoustical Echo Cancellation

M.Eng. Thesis, September 1997

Costantinos Papacostantinou

Improved Pitch Modelling for Low Bit-Rate Speech Coders

M.Eng. Thesis, August 1997

Jacek Stachurski

A Pitch Pulse Evolution Model for Linear Predictive Coding of Speech

Ph.D. Thesis, May 1997

Simon Plain

Spacializing Simultaneous Speech with Application to Increasing Understanding

B.Eng. (Honours) Thesis, April 1997

Carl R. Nassar

A Novel Receiver Structure for Data Detection in the Presence of Rapidly Changing Nuisance Parameters

Ph.D. Thesis, December 1996

James H. Y. Loo

Intraframe and Interframe Coding of Speech Spectral Parameters

M.Eng. Thesis, September 1996

Paul Popescu

Chip Timing Recovery for Indoor Wireless Networks Employing Commutation Signalling

M.Eng. Project, July 1996

Theses (1993-1995):

Sanro Zlobec

Linear Predictive Spectral Shaping for Acoustical Echo Cancellation

M.Eng. Thesis, November 1995

Michael Soong

Predictive Split Vector Quantization for Speech Coding

M.Eng. Thesis, May 1994

Lila Madour

A Low-Delay Code Excited Linear Prediction Speech Coder at 8 kbits/s

M.Eng. Thesis, May 1994

Shahrokh Valaee

Array Processing for Detection and Localization of Narrowband, Wideband and Distributed Sources

Ph.D. Thesis, May 1994

Aloknath De

Auditory Distortion Measures for Speech Coder Evaluation

Ph.D. Thesis, October 1993

Gebrael Chahine

Pitch Modelling for Speech Coding at 4.8 kbits/s

M.Eng. Thesis, September 1993

Nabih Maroun

Toll-Quality Speech Coding at 8 kb/s

M.Eng. Thesis, February 1993

Karim Abboud

Wideband CELP Speech Coding

M.Eng. Thesis, February 1993

Theses (1990-1992):

Michael Leong

Representing Voiced Speech Using Prototype Waveform Interpolation for Low Rate Speech Coding

M.Eng. Thesis, October 1992

Amir K. Khandani

Shaping Multi-dimensional Signal Spaces

Ph.D. Thesis, May 1992

Majid Foodeei

Low-Delay Speech Coding at 16 kb/s and Below

M.Eng. Thesis, September 1991

Kenneth Mark Aleong

A Technique for Combining Equalization with Differential Detection

M.Eng. Thesis, August 1991

Bao Nguyen

The Hidden Markov Filter Model: Applications for Automatic Speech Processing

M.Eng. Thesis, June 1991

Benoit Sylvestre

Time-Scale Modification of Speech: A Time-Frequency Approach

M.Eng. Thesis, April 1991

Daniel Boudreau

Joint Time Delay Estimation and Adaptive Filtering Techniques

Ph.D. Thesis, November 1990

John Grass

Quantization of Predictor Coefficients in Speech Coding

M.Eng Thesis., September 1990

Ravi P. Ramachandran

Bandwidth Efficient Filter Banks for Transmultiplexers

Ph.D. Thesis, September 1990

Guylain Roy

Low-Rate Analysis-By-Synthesis Wideband Speech Coding

M.Eng. Thesis, August 1990

Duncan C. Bees

Enhancement of Acoustically Reverberant Speech Using Cepstral Methods

M.Eng. Thesis, June 1990

Theses (1987-1989):

Vasu Iyengar

A Low Delay 16 kbit/sec Coder for Speech Signals

M.Eng. Thesis, August 1987

John Frixou Michaelides

Nonlinear Adaptive Filtering for Echo Cancellation and Decision Feedback Equalization

M.Eng. Thesis, April 1987

Robert W. Tansony

A Variable Rate Adaptive Transform Coder

M.Eng. Thesis, April 1987

Theses (1984-1986):

Chung Cheung Chu

Tree Encoding of Speech Signals at Low Bit Rates

M.Eng. Thesis, March 1986

Ravi Prakash Ramachandran

Pitch Filtering in Adaptive Predictive Coding of Speech

M.Eng. Thesis, March 1986

Francis Cheung

Tap Leakage Applied to Echo Cancellation

M.Eng. Project, November 1985

Amani Sabri Amani

An Adaptive Prefilter for Timing Recovery

M.Eng. Thesis, October 1985

Alexandros Alexandrou

Design of Filter Banks for Subband Coding Systems

M.Eng. Thesis, June 1985

Victor T. M. Lam

The Stability of Pitch Synthesis Filters in Speech Coding

M.Eng. Thesis, June 1985

Theses (1981-1983):

Mark Abramson

Vector Quantization in Residual-Encoded Linear Prediction of Speech

M.Eng. Thesis, August 1983

Rafi Rabipour

Sub-band Coding of Speech with Dynamic Bit Allocation

M.Eng. Thesis, August 1982

M. Melih Pekiner

Convergence Properties of Fractionally-Spaced Equalizers for Data Transmission

M.Eng. Thesis, August 1982

Richard James Pinnell

Adaptive Transform Coding of Speech Signals

M.Eng. Thesis, May 1982

S. Kouzelis

Telecommunication Network Modernization: A Linear Programming Formulation

M.Eng. Project, May 1981

Christian Emond

Codage Numerique ŕ Taux Variable des Signaux de Parole

M.Sc. Thesis, INRS, University of Quebec, April 1981

S. C. Ng

Buffer Management for Variable-Length Encoding of Speech

M.Eng. Project, January 1981

Theses (1978-1980):

Pedro R. Higuerey Perez

Echo Control Techniques in the Telephone Network

M.Eng. Project, October 1979

David G. Sloan

Adaptive Transform Coding of Speech

M.Eng. Thesis, July 1979

A. Nasir

A Baseband Data Transmission System Using Delay Modulation Coding

M.Eng. Project, 1979

Moshe Nattiv

Fractional Tap-Spacing Equalizers for Data Transmission

M.Eng. Thesis, March 1979

Marc L. Belleau

Optimal Quantizers in Linear Predictive Encoding of Speech

M.Eng. Thesis, March 1978